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joy●pak - n. A monthly gift for young people with in-depth Bible lessons and entertaining learning activities.


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Creation Printable Party Games

Celebrate the Creation with Animal Charades and Creation Bingo!


Animal Charades

Features 12 colorful creatures! Each guest will act out the animal while everyone else guesses the animal. Repeat until everyone has had a turn acting out the animals.

Creation Bingo

Includes 9 game cards. Print one for each child. Use buttons or cereal to mark each animal as it is called.

At ThingsEternal, we believe in using every opportunity to communicate the truths of God's word.  The Preschool JoyPaks! series begins with a fun lesson about the Creation account in Genesis 1, and these games are a great way of reinforcing those messages. Use them with the JoyPaks! or at a birthday party, or gathering of family and friends.

For your child's next birthday party, use a zoo, farm, ocean, or jungle theme to talk about the animals that God has made. Add these two fun printable games for extra fun!


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Creation Printable Party Games
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